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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the water in the camp safe to drink?

All the water including ice for drinks, is filtered and safe to drink.

Do wild animals visit the area and the camp?

We are located in the Central Serengeti and the animal wildlife population is immense. Although wildlife is in the area and very close, the camp is very safe. We do require that our guest do not walk out of camp at anytime. At night, each guest is escorted to their tents.

Does the camp offer laundry services?

We offer laundry at a very reasonable rate and usually within 24hr turnaround. Rates are $3 per pair of pants and shirts, and $1 for socks and undergarments.

Does the camp have a bar?

We have a great bar stocked with everything from beer and wine, to various liquors and mixers. Our bartender is ready to serve you one of our specialty cocktails or a favorite drink of your choosing!

What payments methods are accepted?

Credit cards are accepted and the preferred method of payment for services.

Tips for the camp staff, what is the suggested amount? 

The suggested amount is $15-$20 per person , per day. This is split between the camp staff at the end of your stay. Of course, gratuities are always discretionary and many times guest like to do more. Please place your tips in the tip box at the end of your stay.

Does the camp installations have plumbing?

YES! Each tent has a plumbed toilet, two sinks, and running water for showers!

Do you recommend hiring a Safari Company for activities?

YES! Please contact us at and we will be happy to share with you some of our our partner safari companies we recommend based on your specific needs! We have many safari companies to refer that are excellent!

Can we book directly with Dancing Duma?

Absolutely! Please contact us directly for rates and to discuss your specific needs so we can best assist in any plans you have.

What type of food is served in the camp?

Our chef and assistant prepare daily entrees including a variety of soups, breads, vegetables , meats and desserts daily. All ingredients are fresh!


If you have certain dietary needs and/or restrictions, please let us know in advance and we can make sure that you are taken care of with specific needs.

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